The Elected Executive Management Committee

Chairman – Mr. Rajesh Sharma

Vice Chairman – Mr. Vikas Chauhan

Secretary - Mr. Satinder Sood

Asst. Secretary - Mr. Vinod Kalia

Treasurer – Mr. Kewal Beri

Assistant Treasurer - Mr. Ravinder Karwal - Mr. Jagdesh Janki - Mrs. Brij Sood - Mr. Chuni Nandha - Mr. Charanjeet Saluja - Mr. Hari Om Gupta - Mrs. Vinod Beri - Mr. Jitendra Rathore - Mr. Krishan Dutt Mishra

Volunteers running sessions

Mr. Kamlesh Lakhani / Dharamvir Dhanda - Vichar Manthan

This has been running since 2006. It is a monthly talk that takes place on the last Saturday of each month between 6.30 to 8.00pm followed by Arti and Priti Bhojan (dinner). The programme is targeted at the thinking of the inquisitive mind that wants to learn about Hindu scriptures, philosophy, history and the way of life. The current format involves a half hour talk given by Acharya Kapildev Sharma who is the resident acharya (priest) of the Temple. Currently he is conducting a series on the Bhagavad Gita. This is followed by a 45 minute talk by a guest speaker. Our guest speakers have an in depth knowledge of their specific fields of interest. Examples of recent talks include the Vedas for successful living, capitalism in Hinduism, Vedic Maths, Chanakya, Adi Shankracharya. The programme is funded by families who wish to sponsor the event, for example the celebration of a birthday or engagement. Anybody wishing to be Yajman or make a donation , please contact Shri Dharamvir Dhanda on 01159559251 Or

Mrs. Sumita Beri – Library & Teaching

Come and join in the fun for children (7-13) every Sunday from 5-6.30 p.m. in the Hindu Temple Library. Children will be able to take part in various cultural, religious and fun educational activities. They will also have access to various books, magazines, newspapers, games etc. and can enjoy their time in the Temple separate from the adults. Contact :

Mr. Anand Parekh & Mr. Hari Om Gupta – Youth, Leadership & Sports


Mrs. Sudha Puri –Translator on Snatan Dharma

The dominant religion of India is Sanatan Dharma, a way of life also known as Hinduism. Sanatan translates as eternal, and Dharma as the performance of righteous duty. The cornerstone of Sanatan Dharma is a belief in the One Supreme God, Brahman. The root of all Hindu scriptures are the Shrutis namely the Four Vedas, revealed to Rishis - Rig (knowledge) Yajur (action) Sam (devotion) and Artharva (science).The Law of Karma and transmigration of the soul is another fundamental belief. There is freedom to choose any of the four paths in life: Jnana yoga- path of knowledge, Karma yoga-path of action, Bhakti yoga -path of devotion and Raj yoga-path of contemplation. These paths complement and supplement each other. There are four goals of life – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.The core values are - truth, purity, self-control ,charity, non-violence,detachment and selfless action. The Smritis written by individual authors include – the Upanishads, the Six Darshanas, the Bhagvad Gita and histories including the Ramayan, The Mahabharta and The Puranas, all expounding the relationship and interactions between God, sentient beings and the insentient world. Contact :

Volunteers assisting the Temple

Mrs. Manajala Rana – Interior Decor –

Ms. Meenakshi Sood – Events –

Mrs. Malti Maini – Hospitality of guests –

Outreach volunteers

Chander Prabha and Yash Bedi – QMC Hospital Nottingham -

Savitaa Kapoor – Community support –

Kala Niketan Hindi School

This is held during term-time for children aged 5-16 years on Saturdays 10.00am – 1.00pm.
Please contact: Mrs.Sudharshan Mohindra (Head Teacher)

Useful associations

Hindu Council UK

National Hindu Students Forum (UK)

Vishwa Hindu Parishad

Labour Friends of India

Conservative Friends of India

High Commission of India

Consulate General of India